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Organizational Therapy


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Organizational Well-Being

We help organizations explore and heal challenges that influence effectiveness.


Organizational Therapists Who Care

In order to provide you with the best experience, we work with your organization to address and co-create pathways to  the transformation you seek.


Experienced Knowledge

Founded by Dr. Zachary Green, Gabriel Alexander Institute and associates bring decades of experience in mindful leadership development, adaptive team effectiveness, psychologically informed intervention, intersectional inclusive dialogue, and therapeutic executive coaching to our work with nationally recognized organizations.

Our Approach

Depth Process


We work with organizations to look beyond easy and quick fix approaches to organizational issues. We practice care together with you to address challenges with reflection, depth, and deliberative action.

Leadership Development


Our leadership development approach sees organizational challenges as individual and collective processes. Through individual coaching and team retreats, we activate the potential of the organization. We enhance optimal effectiveness by making invisible issues and tensions available for exploration and intervention.

Therapeutic Intervention


Our work is informed by psychology and proven approaches to group behavior. Beyond traditional executive coaching, our approaches are therapeutic interventions that bring healing, wholeness and hope to organizations that sincerely seek to meet the calling of their mission.

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Gabriel Alexander Institute

4323 Santa Monica Avenue, San Diego, California 92107, United States

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